The Night Everything Changed

This story is a little weird, but there is no denying that my life was changed forever on March 1, 2003. Please take a moment to listen to my story and judge for yourself…

Was it God?



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  1. I read your story last night. ‘Was it God’.
    I know this happened to you a really long time ago, but it doesn’t sit well with me so I am sending this message to you.

    I am a practicing Christian. A couple years ago I had this same kind of electricity shoot up into my hands while driving. Sitting at a stop light in the morning. Clear Blue sky. I saw an electrical bolt in the sky and up my fingers into my hands electrical charge. Particularly my ring finger. I thought it was a ring from The Lord. It wasn’t. It was demonic. I was at the time a brand new Christian, but involved in doing Kabala because I thought it was a higher level in The Holy Spirit. It wasn’t,,, that was also demonic. Now since the last couple years I have been highly deceived in different area s thinking it was The Holy Spirit…. against wasn’t. All demonic.
    The last few years I have suffered extensively attacks from Satan and many other supernatural things I thought were from The Holy Spirit. They were not… again demonic.

    The reason I am replying to your story is I am extremely bothered by the pics. of the album you posted. Also your electrical experience. I want to ask if you have or are suffering anything ‘unusual’ that you question the reasons why is this happening to me. I have ‘experienced A LOT’ of things. If you are please respond back.
    Serious things are happening to me as an avid Christian and it pretty much started at my electrical experience.
    God Bless, and I hope all is well with you.


    1. Hi Angie, thank you very much for the response. If what happened to me was in fact demonic, then what Satan intended for evil, God used for good. I view that night as a holy gift because it has helped me remember what God has done in my life. I have not experienced anything like this since that night, and my life is fully dedicated to Jesus Christ. Hope you are well Angie, and thank you again for the message.


      1. This is defintely a kundalini awakening it’s not “demonic “ it is your own inner consciousness becoming aware…the syncs and the songs and stuff are all a part of it, including the electricity…perhaps you were meant to interpret it as you did but the ultimate truth is that EVERYTHING, Is from the one source …god is within …


  2. Thank you for this story. It sounds like what the mystics of the East call a Kundalini awakening. However, I, like you, believe it to be God’s Holy spirit baptism. congratulations. Love and light to you and your family.

    Samantha from Louisiana


  3. Hi,I just listened to your story. I am a believer myself,although not an active Christian in that I do not go to church regularly,because mainly I do not believe I have to ,as long as I believe.I keep getting told that I am a bit selective with what I believe!. May I ask-do you believe every story in the bible-e.g. Noahs Ark? I personally believe that probably a flood did happen,and undoubtedly lots of animals were saved,but surely the Ark could not have saved two of every type of animal from every continent? Surely two penguins and two polar bears is a bit far fetched as in both ends of our wonderful planet ? So to clarify,I totally believe,and something or someone far far cleverer than humans created our wonderful world,but I just struggle with believing every word written down, many thanks Paul Rawson Kent England


    1. Hi Paul, thank you for the response. As a Christian, the divinity, death, and resurrection of Jesus are essential beliefs. Without these, there is no Christianity. We also believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. I readily admit that there are things in the Bible that are difficult, and things I do not understand. There are “debatable issues” that many Christians disagree on. Whether the earth is old (3-4 billion years old) or young (6000 years) is a debatable issue in my opinion. Whether Noah’s flood covered the entire surface is the globe or whether it was regional is a debatable issue. God has revealed Himself not only in the Bible, but also in His creation. So scientific evidence is a good thing to account for when seeking to understand the Bible. One Christian scientist who has offered some helpful insight on Noah’s flood is High Ross. Here’s a short video


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